LifeXT Coaching Program Policies

1.1. Due to busy coaching schedules, if a participant must cancel a scheduled coaching session they must do so more than 24 hours in advance of the planned meeting time in order to avoid forfeiting the session. Participants may reschedule a session outside the 24 hour window as many times as necessary. If a participant provides less than 24 hour advance notice or no-shows the scheduled session, that session will be forfeited.

2.1. Participants who opt into the program are given a period of two weeks to schedule their next meeting with their coach. During this period, participants will receive multiple emails reminding them of this policy and their deadline to book. If a participant does not book within the 2-week timeframe, they will be considered a non-engager and opted out of the program. Note: the session does not need to occur within the 2-week time period but must simply be scheduled.

2.2. If a participant elects to return to the program after they have been opted out as a non-engager or for any other reason, they may do so only if seats are still available in the cohort.

2.3. A participant may extend the opt-out period up to one month if they request a program “pause” from their coach. During this time, the participant’s seat is held as active and the participant is not required to take any action. One program pause is allowed per participant per course. After the one-month pause period ends, the participant will be re-entered into the regular 2-week opt-out process and must schedule a session with their coach to avoid being opted out. Note: the session does not need to occur within the 2-week time period but must simply be scheduled.

3.1. Any seats not filled with an engaged participant within 4 months of the program launch date will be forfeited, unless otherwise defined in the SOW.

3.2. Participants are given 6 months per Fundamentals course, 8 months per Premium course, and 12 months per Essentials course to use their allotted sessions. Any sessions not used by this deadline are forfeited. On average, most participants complete their program within 3-4 months (Fundamentals) and 5-6 months (Premium). This timeline is not extended if a participant elects to pause their program (as a reminder, the program pause option is available only for a period of up to one month).


4.1. A seat will be considered as fully utilized if the participant has used a minimum of half of their total allotted sessions. Participants who utilize less than half of their total allotted sessions but at least one session before opting out of the program will be considered to have used ¼ of a seat.

4.2. At the end of the engagement, any fractions of unused seats will be calculated and rounded to the nearest whole number. This seat credit will be returned to the client in the form of either a Premium or Fundamentals seat (depending on the program) and must be used within 90 days. If the seat(s) are not filled within 90 days, the seat credit is considered expired.

4.3. In order to encourage attendance and honor full coaching schedules, a scheduled coaching session will be considered fully utilized if: a) the participant attends the session, b) the participant cancels the session within 24 hours of the scheduled meeting time, or c) the participant does not cancel the session and does not attend the session (no-show). In the case of situation (b) or (c), the session has been forfeited and the coach will continue on to the next session in the program sequence.


5.1. As soon as a participant registers in the program, the seat is considered fully utilized.

Last updated on April 21, 2021