Just as we train our bodies for physical fitness, we can train our brains for optimal wellbeing

How it all started...

In 2010, Eric Langshur and Nate Klemp were both emerging from a period of intense stress and struggle. They met and, together, they had a radical idea: “what if we could create a cross training program for the mind, a program based in ancient wisdom and cutting edge science?”

They worked with leading researchers to design this new program. And they called it Life Cross Training (LifeXT). It’s a program that went on to become the focus of their New York Times Bestselling book Start Here and to help thousands of knowledge workers build resilience and more skillfully manage their most precious resource: their attention.

"Our commitment to you is to do everything we can to support you in elevating your life, your work, and your relationships."
-Co-Founder, Nate Kemp

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Being Mindful

In July 2020, Mindful Communications, a new Public Benefit Corporation focused on expanding the benefits of self-actuated mental health, launched with the merger of two leading firms in the field of mindfulness. The new company was formed from the merger of the media enterprise founded and developed by the Foundation for a Mindful Society, including Mindful Magazine and mindful.org, with LifeXT. The merger of the two companies brings together the world’s pre-eminent enterprise in the mindfulness field, including products in the consumer media; courses; corporate training; licensed content; business media; events; and directories focused on meditation and mindfulness.