Just as we train our bodies for physical fitness, we can train our brains for optimal wellbeing

About LifeXT

Emotional resilience, empathy and focus are foundational power skills that propel your organization. LifeXT by Mindful provides you with the tools your team needs to cultivate those skills to achieve mindfulness in the workplace. We aim to reduce burnout, strengthen leadership, and increase employee engagement by developing mindfulness-based skills rooted in science. We teach these skills and more through customizable digitally delivered programs. 

There is a growing need for mindfulness in the workplace.

2 out of 3 employees feel burnout

    • 2.6x more likely to leave current job
    • 50% less likely to discuss performance goals
    • 13% less confident in their performance

Mindful leadership is an essential remedy

    • 70% of employee engagement is driven by their manager
    • 20% lower burnout in managers who practice authentic leadership
    • 70% less likely to experience burnout with a supportive manager

Personalized & Scalable Programs

  • We offer a stress-free, humor-filled rollout that is designed to engage, easy to implement, and an absolute delight.
  • U-Pick It: We meet your unique needs with vast choices for content and focus
    Easy Peasy: Our expertise is making this turnkey for you – there’s very little you need to do
  • Be Amazed: Sit back with our custom metrics and observe the benefits of self-actuated mental health

Select Your Program and Build Your Custom Solution

  • Start Here – Build a strong foundation for your organization
  • Mindful Leader – Cultivate a sustainable, healthy internal society and build authentic brand credibility
  • All In – Showcase your commitment to providing comprehensive resources

What Sets LifeXT Apart

LifeXT by Mindful is more effective than others because it’s based on real human relationships and experience. Our custom solution enables every employee to build resilience and manage stress. Our program generates the highest engagement and effectiveness metrics for employee well-being — our largest clients have seen so much success they’ve increased their engagements tenfold over the past three years.

  • We offer one-on-one employee coaching in a scalable format.
  • We produce best-in-class content from renowned mindfulness teachers and experts
    We provide pre- and post-assessment gains
  • Our clients are deeply engaged: 100% of licenses are used and 90% of corporate users are actively engaged at 8 months
  • We are not a replacement for Employee Assistance Programs (EAP). Rather, we work with internal coaches and complement the safety net that an EAP provides for employees

"Our commitment to you is to do everything we can to support you in elevating your life, your work, and your relationships."
-Co-Founder, Nate Kemp

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