We have a vision to bring life back to work.

LifeXT combines digital tools with one-on-one coaching for a custom employee engagement program that optimizes wellbeing and performance.

Download our free guide to building resilience in crisis.

Understand the Challenge

Times of crisis amplify the forces of the mind that create anxiety, stress, and agitation. Learn how to see them more clearly.

Build New Habits

Learn the five most powerful wellbeing practices for developing the habit of resilience in challenging times.


Customized one-on-one coaching.

Experienced Coaches

Work with one of our coaches to accelerate your path toward optimal wellbeing.

Support and Accountability

Our coaches leverage the science of habit change to help you transform your experience of work and life.


A proven path to optimal wellbeing.

NY Times Bestselling Book

Experience the power of LifeXT’s science-based habits through the book that started it all, Start Here: Master the Lifelong Habit of Wellbeing.

Scientific Research

Understand the emerging brain science that shows, just as you can train your body of physical fitness, you can train your mind for mental and emotional fitness.

The data and analytics to measure results.

Scientifically Validated Assessment

We designed our Human Performance Assessment in collaboration with leading experts at University of Chicago, Stanford University, and Northwestern University to track progress in all areas of wellbeing.

Company-Wide Analytics

Our assessment offers employers aggregated data on the impact of LifeXT on employee productivity, focus, wellbeing, and resilience.

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We have a vision to bring life back to work.

Solving the Crisis of Burnout

Our science-based program offers an antidote to the crippling effects of stress, distraction, and burnout in the modern workplace.

American Heart Association Research

We’re conducting a year-long controlled study of LifeXT’s impact on mitigating workplace stress in partnership with the American Heart Association.

Trusted by the world's leading companies.

Adopted by Top Organizations

From the world’s largest and leading law firms to consultancies and healthcare systems, LifeXT has been purchased by companies where human capital is a primary source of competitive advantage.

Data-Driven Solutions

LifeXT offers firms detailed analytics that inform spending decisions, strategy, and innovation.

“With double-digit improvements across the board, we’re extremely encouraged by the results we’ve seen and we’re excited to expand LifeXT throughout our firm.”

Laura Maechtlen
National Chair, Labor & Employment
Seyfarth Shaw, LLP

A program that changes lives.

“LifeXT brought me back from the brink of burnout.”

Senior Manager at a Global Consulting Firm

“With LifeXT, I have a greater sense of wellbeing, more space around difficult emotions, a calmer mind, and an improved ability to focus.”

Emergency Medicine Doctor at a Leading Health System

“My time management is better, my teams react better to my leadership, and my practice is thriving.”

Partner at a Global Law Firm