Start Here

Master the Lifelong Habit of Wellbeing

By Eric Langshur and Nate Klemp, PhD

If given the choice, we would all choose to be less stressed, to feel happier, and to experience a more optimal state of wellbeing. So why are these outcomes so hard to achieve? The answer is quite simple. No one has taught us how. It turns out that just as you train your body for fitness, you can train your mind for wellbeing. We call this Life Cross Training (LifeXT), and Start Here – The New York Times best seller – is the manual for anyone seeking to achieve emotional fitness.

About The Authors

A seasoned corporate executive and entrepreneur, Eric Langshur is the founder of Abundant Venture Partners. Years of research into the intersection of philosophy and neuroscience have established him as a thought leader in optimizing wellbeing.

Nate Klemp is a Stanford-Harvard-Princeton trained former philosophy professor and an expert in understanding how the tools of ancient and modern wisdom can be used to improve individual wellbeing.